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I deal with social space through divisions and cross sections both physically and through the realm of public lecture, happening and event. I am seeking how to target not one, but many diverse publics.

Since 2004 I have been making large scale interactive installations which I refer to as “Divided Spaces”, where I slice spaces into halves, thirds, and quarters horizontally using spandex, mason twine and commercial suspended ceilings. The divided space installations are an investigation into the volume of domestic and commercial spaces in urban environments. I use utilitarian and commercial materials to divide spaces into sections to demonstrate the amount of wasted, overlooked or inaccessible space in the city.

Since 2010, I have been making cross sections of neighborhoods. The cross sections are zipline cables that run through neighborhoods, over avenues, through buildings, yards, traversing and connecting fragments of public and private spaces. I then run a video camera along the cable to create a cross section of that space, resulting in video pieces between 5 - 7 minutes long. These works address the desire for and impossibility of utopian, alternative and escapist impulses in contemporary society.

In 1748, Giambattista Nolli created what is known as the Nolli map of Rome. The Nolli map represents the city as a series of interconnected spaces where private and public mesh, and one can travel freely between both built and un-built environments. Much of my recent work relates to the Nolli Map.

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