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31 Baldwin to Beverly & Cecil Streets
(Nuit Blanche, Toronto, sponsored by the City of Toronto)


This is Michelle Jacques, the curator for Zone B of Nuit Blanche.

I took every single object out of her apartment and reconstrcuted the apartment two blocks away on the corner of the intersection of Beverly and Cecil streets in Toronto.

In order to do this, I had to color code and number every single object in her apartment, including her toothbrush. Then I made detailed maps of the space so that in the reconstructed apartment, everything could be placed exactly how it was in the real apartment.

It took 3 days to make the maps. Michelle and her friends helped us place a sticker on every item.

Then, with the help of 10 paid assistants, we began to move everything out of the apartment.


We started with the big things, like the mattress, #72.

We asked people on the street to help us. We said that if everyone took one or two objects and moved them, the move would be much faster and easier.

A slow stream of objects began coming in the arms of the public, and the floorplan on the sidewalk began to slowly fill up.


It was the longest night of my life.
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