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Weekend Getaways

Four Weekend Getaways were auctioned off to the first person to smash open the corresponding sculpture and obtain a numeric code. All four getaways were to remote cabins that are either abandoned, guaranteed vacant, or under ambiguous ownership, and are on the East Coast, inlcuding Canada. See the blog here.




Redeemed Sunset Getaway, Hudson Valley, New York. July 12th, 2014.

Sunset Getaway:

This cabin is abandonded. It is on private land but has not been inhabited for decades. The winners, Melissa Godoy Nieto and Amedeo Pace, also recieved a gift basket plus a car for transportation to and from the getaway location.

The getaway winners were asked to take photos of themselves enjoying thier all-inclusive getaway.


These additional trespassers were caught on a hidden camera at the site, just 10 days before the getaway winners arrived.

And another curious interloper actually located, and attempted to remove the camera.



Redeemed Canadian Dream Getaway, July 4th- 6th, 2015.

Canadian Getaway:

John Strange won this getaway by default, and invited Meg Keo, who he had never met in person before, to join him in Quebec over the July 4th 2014 weekend.

The getaway package included a plane ticket to Montreal and a rental car for the weekend. John met Meg there and they drove to the Laurentians outside of Montreal to the getaway location, a guest house on a property that is never inhabited in the summer.

The getaway car.

The boat house at the getaway location.

As it turned out, the two strangers got along swimmingly.

The Den Getaway (Brooklyn, NY, April 24th, 2014):

This getaway was for the very night that the auction took place. It included an Iron Maiden Tour with Naomi Miller, which transported the getaway winners immediately from the gallery opening to the getaway location via a backyard and rooftop tour of Brooklyn.

Christian Diaz and Amy Reid won this getaway, which also included a breakfast of farm fresh eggs the next morning.

Vermont Getaway (July 11th or September 26th, 2014):

This getaway, to a one-room cabin on a sliver of land that is neither privately nor publicly owned, was won at auction but was never redeemed. If you are interested in redeeming this getaway,which includes a car and a gift basket, please email with "Vermont Getaway" in the subject line.


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